Why VanderWall?

VanderWall Brothers serve many contractors throughout West Michigan; we have a range of products for the individual looking to do their own project. From a variety of concrete block, brick, and Cultured Stone™ to our fireplace sales, installation, and service team, the product offering is extensive.

The VanderWall Difference


VanderWall Bros. specializes in fireplace, stone, masonry supplies, and concrete block. We are a full service, concrete block manufacturing facility with a masonry retail supply store on site. In our 10,000 square foot indoor/outdoor showroom, you will find many displays of both real and cultured stone products, as well as brick, that will beautify and complete your new home or project nicely. VanderWall Bros. is also the lakeshore leader in the sales, installation, and service of fireplaces, wood and gas stoves, fireplace inserts, and pellet stoves. Our experienced professionals are available to help you plan all of your fireplace or masonry needs.

Meet the Team

Here at VanderWall Brothers, we work as a team to meet your needs. Our primary desire is to develop “customers for life.” From sales to service and everything in between, our team will exceed your expectations! Yes, we manufacture and sell excellent products, but it is our team that makes the difference.

The Firemen

When it comes to heat, these guys know how to help! With over 40 years of installation, service, and sales experience, this is your team. These guys give new meaning to the term “firemen.” Whether it be pellet, gas, wood, or electric, we can ignite the flames and help create the ambiance you desire. Dan was asked the other day what his favorite song is, and he responded: “The Heat is on.”

Left photo from left to right: Dan, Andrea, Kurt, and Jan

Right photo from left to right: Kurt, Jason, and Mark

The Stone Crew

Whether it be stone, block, or brick, we are the best of the best! Sure, you could call us “blockheads” or even say that “we are from the stone age,” and we would not take offense. This is what we do. With over 50 years of combined experience, we are your industry experts!

From left to right: Andrea, Scott, Kyle and Chris

Why We Do It

To make a positive difference in the lives of people. For our team and their families to be their best selves, for our customers and suppliers to find win/win solutions, and for our community to be the best place to live.

  • In concrete products – we provide value to our masons, general contractors, architects, and owners so their projects can be performed efficiently and profitable with products that retain long-lasting beauty and durability.
  • In stone and fireplace – we provide value to our builders, designers, and homeowners with technical know-how, friendly service, and an excellent product line up at a fair price.
  • We hire and retain the best people. We continually invest in and develop our team. We hire individuals who are driven, humble, and smart. We strive to be life-long learners. We want our team members to feel that their work makes a difference and is a place for them to grow and be blessed.

Our History


A company could hardly have a more modest beginning. William Launder VanderWall founded the business not long after World War 1 with little machinery and a lot of hard work. William wanted to offer quality products with excellent customer service. Those ideals are still a part of our core values.

VanderWall Brothers have come a long way from labored workers scrambling to move block by hand, to now fully-automated production lines in two separate manufacturing plants located in Spring Lake, MI. Not one hand touches our products until the mason places the block in a new project.

The heart of our operation is our people. In our sales staff, manufacturing personnel to our licensed fireplace technicians and delivery team, you will find longevity, experience, and customer knowledge unlike any other company in our industry in Michigan. We are mentoring the next generation of employees whose service will extend the same core values and ethics into the next decades. We are excited about the future in West Michigan and how we can solve the construction needs of our customers.

Vanderwall Core Values



We spend time, money, and training around safety because we value the gift of life and each team member. Not profit, not production, nor progress because our people are what is most important. If we’re not keeping our team safe, then it’s not worth doing.


We seek excellence in what we do and the services we provide.


Our Words = Our Actions. We are humble in how we approach problems. We are honest in what we say and do – every day.


You can trust we will get it done – we have that reputation! We have been around since 1922 and have a legacy to uphold. The next ten years will be different than the last ten years – yet one constant is our reputation for reliability.


Both our manufacturing and retail products are the finest human hands can produce. Our goal is not to be the biggest or the cheapest, but instead, our focus is on long-lasting products and services at a fair price.


Trust is our bottom line.

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