Architectural Concrete

How We Work

VanderWall can make concrete blocks for any architectural project, either commercial or residential. Concrete block is an extremely cost-effective media as the exterior is essentially finished after the block is put into place. Connect with us to discuss your project’s needs. For custom orders, there are several criteria that will need to be met:

  • Minimum of three weeks notice is required
  • A purchase order is required for each particular job
  • All the units required to complete the job should be ordered and produced at one time
  • A minimum of 1,000 special units are required. For runs less then 1,000, a setup charge shall be required.
  • Production of the Special Order will not begin until the purchaser has signed and returned a copy of the purchase order.
  • The customer is responsible for determining the quantity to be manufactured and will be charged for every unit ordered.

Color Examples

Here are examples of some of the colors we have done in the past. We can do any color of the rainbow. Bring in a sample of what you would like, and we can match it.

Approved AIA Classes

Interested in gaining AIA continuing education credits?

VanderWall University is an approved AIA class instructor for block, stone, brick, and fireplaces. We provide you with a great opportunity to continue your education. We make our classes be both informative and fun. If you are in West Michigan, we come to you. VanderWall University would love to provide your team with lunch and educational excellence. Take a look at the classes we are providing this month. Additional classes are provided on a rotating basis.

This Presentation will discuss the aesthetic benefits and options available when using concrete masonry units. CMU’s will be discussed, including sizes, colors, textures, and finishes. Mortar color, textures, and finishes, jointing profiles and tooling are reviewed. Bond patterns will be introduced.