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outdoor fireplace installation

Everything You Need to Know About Outdoor Fireplace Installation

Outdoor fireplaces and fire pits can transform your deck, patio,…
types of outdoor fireplaces

Popular Types of Outdoor Fireplaces

Do you want to elevate your outdoor entertaining space? One of…
manufactured stone vs real stone

Manufactured Stone vs. Real Stone

If you’re about to tackle a new home project, you might be…
landscaping and hardscaping

Top Landscaping & Hardscaping Trends

It’s a new year, and the spring season is quickly approaching.…
2023 fireplace trends

2023’s Top Fireplace Designs

Are you thinking of installing a fireplace this year? Choosing…
fireplace installment

Install a Fireplace in a Home Without One

Most of the time, we work with clientele that requests to replace…

Gas vs. Wood Fireplace: Which Is Right For You?

Perhaps you’d like to give your space a cozier aesthetic. Or,…
The Federal Biomass Stove 25(C)

Understanding the Federal Biomass Stove 25(C) Tax Credit

With the uncertainty of natural gas and propane costs, wood and…
fireplace napoleon high country