Frequently Asked Questions

Your fireplace, stone, and concrete questions; answered.

Fireplace FAQs

Fireplace inserts can help you cut down the cost of heating your home. Overtime, this can help you actually save money. The tirck is to make sure to turn down your thermastat when you are heating your home with a fireplace insert. Inserts are not replacements for home heating.

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If your fireplace insert is professionally installed, you can ensure proper heat efficiency and safety.

There are many ways to remove a fireplace. Some that are costly and involve demolition and construction and others that do not.

The size of your fireplace depends on preference, availability of space, and budget. A 36-inch wide fireplace would typically have a 48-inch mantel. Mantels should not reach and be up against walls, glass, windows or doors.

Selecting your fireplace depends on preferences like budget, how you’ll use the fireplace, where you’ll install the fireplace, and more. Before determining what kind of fireplace you need, determine what you want it for.

Stone FAQs

Yes. You can paint a stone fireplace. But, before you do, you should make sure the stone you currently have will provide the look and asthetic you are going for.

In short, no. But, fire can weaken mortar, which could shift your fireplace and in a worse case scenario cause your fireplace to collapse.