Outdoor Fireplaces


Outdoor fire burning can be as simple or as detailed as your heart desires. Choose a 30” round fire ring and three courses of wedge block, and you can have your wood-burning firepit installed and burning in just one hour. For the backyard loungers who prefer the ease of burning gas over the mess of a campfire, you can select from several gas fire top tables on display here at Vanderwall Brothers. These tables are as simple as setting it in place and hooking it up to a 20-pound L.P. Tank. Instant Ambiance! If an outdoor fireplace falls more in alignment with your backyard motif, then you should consider a stainless-steel vent free gas fireplace, or, how about a wood-burning unit with a gas log set? The options are endless, and we can help.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on what you’re creating. Some fireplaces are a one-hour or less install, while others are full-blown construction projects.

Can you install any outdoor fireplace?

Yes, any fireplace you purchase from VanderWall, we can install it for you.

Outdoor Living Inspiration

We love to share the work we do for our customers. Be inspired and dream up your perfect outdoor space.

Types Of Fireplaces

Outdoor Fireplace

There are a certain charm and ambiance that only an outdoor fireplace can add. Bring in pictures of your backyard so we can best determine which size and shape will best fit your property.

Outdoor Grills

VanderWall Brothers provide a broad range of outdoor grills

Solaire offers Infrared technology, which has several benefits over traditional gas barbecues. One of the most significant advantages is that there’s no other way to cook like charcoal without the mess of charcoal.

American Outdoor Grill offers the best around value in high-end grills, both portable and built-in grill heads. All stainless steel construction with many sizes and accessories.

Saffire Charcoal Grill is a ceramic grill and smoker that has the most advanced features in its class. With precision flame control, the Saffire Grill can produce delicious gourmet results every time. Whether you’re a championship barbecue competitor or simply a novice smoking enthusiast, the Saffire Grill will provide some of the most exceptional results possible on any barbecue smoker available today.
Stop in today to see floor models.

Outdoor Firepit

Even when it gets chilly outside, it doesn’t mean you have to go inside. We have a broad selection of above ground and below ground firepits to choose from. Bring a picture of your backyard into our showroom, and we can go over a model that will both enhance the enjoyment and value of your property as well as fit within your budget.

Outdoor Kitchens

Enjoy cooking authentic wood-fired pizza with your very own pizza oven. Call or Stop by to talk about the options.

Forno de Pizza provides a portable or built-in ready to go oven with a gas-assisted burner.

Superior Clay provides different size kits to build your own style pizza oven.